Our Divergent Process

Making the switch to solar energy for your home is a significant investment that can bring numerous benefits. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, it's crucial to understand the process involved. At Divergent Solar, we specialize in providing a seamless experience, guiding you through each stage, from the initial free consultation to the commissioning of your solar system. Let's take a closer look at each step along the way.
A flow chart showing the 7 steps in the Divergent Process
Step 1: Your Free energy savings report
The process begins with a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced solar representatives. During this session, our goal is to gather essential information about your energy consumption and property. We'll discuss your average monthly energy usage, comparing it to your historical usage, while taking into account factors such as the square footage of your home, the orientation of your roof, and the age, features, and efficiency of your home. We'll also inquire about your energy usage habits and any future plans for home expansion or upgrades. This information allows our representative to determine the appropriate size of the solar system, identify the optimal location for solar panels, and estimate the installation cost. Furthermore, we'll explore your budget and financing options, providing you with a detailed breakdown of expected costs and savings. The consultation serves as an opportunity for us to understand your unique needs and design a custom system that meets your requirements.
Step 2: Submit Your Application
Once you've reviewed your solar savings report and  have decided to move forward, the next step is to submit your application. This application typically includes information about your home, such as your address, utility details, and some personal information. At Divergent Solar, we meticulously assess your eligibility for financing options, as well as any applicable incentives or rebates. This step is crucial in ensuring a seamless and successful installation process.
Step 3: site Survey and design
After submitting your solar application, a solar representative will conduct a thorough site survey of your property to assess the structural integrity of your roof and its capacity to support solar panels. During the survey, the representative will also evaluate your home's electrical capacity, roof orientation, tilt, shading, and other factors that influence the optimal design of your solar panels. Upon approval of your application, our team of engineers will then utilize advanced software, to create a detailed design plan showcasing the precise placement and electrical wiring of each panel, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy production. This plan will also outline the positioning of inverters, which play a crucial role in converting DC power generated by the panels into AC power for your home. Before proceeding with the installation, we present the design plan to you for review and approval.
Step 4: permitting
At Divergent Solar, we understand the complexities of obtaining the necessary permits for solar panel installation. Our dedicated team takes charge of securing all required permits, including building permits, electrical permits, and any other permits mandated by local and state authorities. We also collaborate with the utility company to obtain the necessary approvals for grid connection. With our extensive experience in navigating the permitting process across various locations, we ensure that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained prior to installation. This guarantees a smooth installation process and ensures that your solar system is up and running as soon as possible.
Step 5: installation
Installation commences with the mounting of solar panels onto your roof or on the ground, depending on your preferences and available space. Our expert team meticulously wires the system and connects it to your home's electrical system, enabling the solar-generated electricity to power your home. Throughout the installation process, we prioritize safety and adhere to local and national electrical codes. We also provide guidance on operating and maintaining your new solar system and are available to address any questions you may have.
Step 6: inspection
Following the installation of your solar system, the next step is to schedule an inspection to ensure its compliance with safety and electrical codes. This inspection is typically conducted by the local permitting authority or an inspector contracted by the solar panel company. The inspector thoroughly examines the wiring, mounting, and overall system to verify adherence to local and national regulations.
Step 7:activation and ongoing support
Once the inspection is successfully completed and the system is deemed compliant, it can be activated and connected to the power grid. Our team collaborates with the utility company to obtain the necessary approvals for grid connection. Upon receiving approval, we connect the solar system to your home's electrical system, enabling you to start generating solar power and reducing your dependence on the grid. At Divergent Solar, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your solar system for years to come.
At Divergent Solar, we are dedicated to making your transition to solar energy a seamless and rewarding experience. Our comprehensive process, guided by experienced professionals, ensures that you receive a custom-designed solar system tailored to your specific needs. By choosing solar energy, you'll unlock long-term savings and embrace a sustainable energy solution for your home. Contact us today to embark on your solar journey!

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