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Break free from the status quo

Ditch the electric company. Fossil fuels are dirty and expensive to maintain - the grid is outdated and blackouts are on the rise.
Solar is being adopted now more than ever. Residential solar had its largest quarter in history with 2.1gW installed, a 30% increase year over year.

Let the sun save you money and power your lifestyle.

Paying the utility company is a bad investment

The current agreement with your utility company is a lifetime contract of guaranteed rate increaes and disappointment. Over the last 20 years the average price of residential electricity has increased 71%. Your loyalty isn’t rewarded and the longer you stay the more it will cost you.

Instead turn an unstable liability into a fixed asset.

Benefits of solar


A single solar panel can offset the carbon emissions of 10 trees

This means the average residential solar installation (7kW) offsets the carbon emission equivalent of 180 trees per year which is about 5 tons of CO2 or almost 4,000 lbs of coal!

Build Equity

Invest in your future and let solar work on your behalf.

The average homeowner owns their system within 5 years

Solar adds ~ $30,000 of equity to the average 7kW system


Zero out of pocket expense

Lock in a fixed rate for your electricity

Solar is just a bill swap, redirect the money you  already spend with the utility towards your solar.

80% of homeowners have a cheaper solar payment than their average electric bill making them cash flow positive on day 1!

30% Federal Tax Credit

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Don’t get stuck in the past, plan for a better tomorrow. The opportunity cost of staying with the utility is losing thousands of dollars in federal tax incentives, missing equity gains, budget instability and impeding a sustainable future.

Are you willing to pay that price just to stay with monopolized utility companies?

Why Divergent?

With 16 years of combined experience we are a solar brokerage that empowers people to power the planet. We put customers first and provide a tailored solar experience with personalized customer care, dedicated account management, and long term commitment. We have partners from east to west coast, industry leading warranties/equipment, top tier lending options, and competitive pricing.

3rd Party Certified

Divergent Solar offers 3rd party appraisal certification for home resale value - guaranteeing that you get the most out of your solar when you sell.

Divergent provides a Certification Report highlighting the added value of your investment, as well as information about how your home performs and the steps you can take to enhance that performance.

Divergent also qualifies a network of real estate professionals who ensure your high-performing home is properly marketed and valued if and when you decide to sell or refinance.

When marketed correctly, Divergent Certified homes will sell faster and for more!

A couple being shown a house by a Realtor with our Pearl Certification partner logo

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